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Motivation You Need To Lose Weight

Bet on Yourself, Get Paid To Lose Weight

See Now How You Can Receive Rewards by Losing Weight.

Check Out Healthy Wage

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You Can Do it!!! Bet on Yourself, Get Paid To Lose Weight

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"HealthyWager is the ideal answer." It provides the structure and motivation you need to achieve by utilizing psychology and financial awards. "Anyone who has attempted to lose weight is aware of the importance of motivation. It keeps us focused on our objectives and helps us overcome the temptations that emerge on the path to a better lifestyle. Finding and keeping that desire is difficult, but due to HealthyWage, the rewards may be both physical and financial.

"I was miserable at 278.8 pounds," said Kristin W., a HealthyWage client at the start of her journey. "I couldn't play with my nieces as much as I wanted to, and getting upstairs exhausted me." I avoided taking photographs or working to position myself in the rear so that only my head was visible. That's no way to live."

Fortunately for Kristin and over 450,000 other satisfied customers, HealthyWage has discovered a better approach to reducing weight.

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Money matters

The firm was motivated by groundbreaking research published in the Journal of the American Medical Association that discovered dieters who had a financial incentive to lose weight were nearly five times more likely to succeed than those who did not have a financial incentive. This group shed three times more weight than those who did not have a goal in mind.

The creators of HealthyWage quickly understood that putting your money where your mouth is by betting on the one thing you have control over — yourself — was the key to success. Since then, the firm has grown to be a leading provider of cash-incentivized wellness challenges, which have been adopted by Fortune 500 organizations and a diverse variety of sectors that all have one thing in common: they place a high value on outcomes.

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In conclusion

The company's most popular challenge, HealthyWager, offers the same way by allowing you to wager on your ability to lose weight. Their website includes a calculator that can assist you in determining how much you believe you can lose, how much of your money you are prepared to gamble, and how much you stand to earn if you win. The more you wager, the more you stand to win. Customers must commit to dropping at least 10% of their current weight over a minimum of six months since HealthyWage thinks that this time frame is critical to achieving long-term improvements. They urge you to make this your final weight-loss wager.

Kristen, who lost 114.5 pounds, no longer feels the urge to lurk in the background. "I have officially won my HealthyWage bet and $4,000 as of this morning!" she said at the completion of her challenge. "I'm already getting requests to 'play run' with my nieces."

You Can Do it!!! Bet on Yourself, Get Paid To Lose Weight

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Discovering your actual self

HealthyWage has now paid out over $50 million while assisting countless consumers in losing over two million pounds. The data-driven organization is always utilizing the most recent research to ensure that its challenges are as successful and gratifying as possible. It is now testing fitness content, which means you will also get access to The Fitness App, a diet counselor and meal planner starring famed personal trainer Jillian Michaels. You only need to accept the challenge.

"The competition component, as well as the promise of earning (and losing!) money, were just enough to get me started," stated Darchelle W., another satisfied client who earned $2,000 after losing 44 pounds in six months. "By investing in myself for the wager each month, something inside me moved toward caring for myself, loving myself, and fighting for myself in ways that have returned me back to my genuine self, my true figure." "I am overwhelmed with gratitude."

You will, too, after you've decided to stake your claim on HealthyWage — and yourself.

You Can Do it!!! Bet on Yourself, Get Paid To Lose Weight

Testimonials and media coverage

Pay special attention to the articles themselves and view some of the videos, in addition to the sheer length of the HealthyWage press page and the reputation of the press outlets (e.g., Wall Street Journal, Consumer Reports, Good Morning America, etc.). You will hear HealthyWage evaluations from participants and business clients (you do not need to join through a company – you may participate on your own) who offer HealthyWage great recommendations.

image testimonials they win money losing weight

Among many, many examples:

Jenny S. and Miranda B., both full-time working parents who struggled with their weight, spoke with NBC News on how to lose weight successfully while being healthy and sustainable. They not only met their weight loss targets, but they also earned huge monetary rewards! Jenny received $5,135 for dropping 100 pounds, while Miranda received $2,973 for losing 81 pounds.

Sherri Shepherd, a talk show presenter, and actress dropped 20 pounds with the aid of HealthyWage and is feeling better than ever! Check out her People interview, where she discusses her passion for reducing weight and how HealthyWage helped her stay on track to achieve her goal.

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In addition, there are more REAL HealthyWage champions!

There are many more instances; see the HealthyWage press page for more. For the vast majority of individuals, the necessity for confirmation that HealthyWage is legitimate see right now.

You Can Do it!!! Bet on Yourself, Get Paid To Lose Weight

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