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Hi, hope you’re having an amazing day!I wanted to share this quick story with you.

I was recently having lunch with my friend Rachel.You would never know it looking at her now, but a few months ago Rachel used to
be more than 40 lbs overweight.

Back then, losing weight seemed like it wasn’tpossible, especially when she has 2 kids, a husband, a job, errands to run…She felt
like she didn’t even have time for herself.

She had decided to just settle on the body she had, continuing to cover it up with baggyclothes and never being as confident as she really wanted to be.

Rachel hadpretty much given up on EVER getting the body she wanted… 

That’s when I introduced her to green smoothiesand how perfect they are for busy women who feel like they don’t have time to
lose weight.

In fact, my good friend Drew who happens to be aBoard Certified Health Coach and the one who got me hooked on green smoothies, recently wrote this great articleabout rapid weight loss just for busy women:

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Turns out smoothies are the perfect weight losssecret weapon…especially for WOMEN! 

No wonder why celebrities like The Housewives andThe Kardashians swear by these “magical” green drinks to keep them slim

So fastforward to today, and Rachel is literally glowing. 

She has dropped34 pounds over the past 2 months and is bubbling with energy.

She even told me that she doesn’t wear as muchmakeup anymore because her skin is so much better now than it used to be. Not
to mention she now fits into all those clothes she always wanted to wear!

And you know what?

Transformations like this are happening EVERY DAY to women just like you!

So that’s all for today. I love inspirationalstories like Rachel’s and just wanted to share it with you.

Here is the link to Drew’s article again thatexplains exactly why smoothies work so well AND so fast for weight loss, especially for busy women like you: 

To Your Health, 

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If you're looking for a complete life transformation over the next 3 weeks then you’re in the right place! Whether you need to lose the last 5-10 lbs or you want to get rid of 40lbs or more, this will work for you. This diet is extremely flexible so even though this program is 21 days you can continue using it for as along as you want to lose as much weight as you want and I explain exactly how.

Dramatic weight loss is only one of the numerous benefits you’ll get from this diet. How would you like more energy, clearer skin, better sleep, sharper thinking, stabilized blood sugar, and more? You are only 21 days away...

  • You're getting the FULL 21-DAY WEIGHT LOSS AND HEALTH IMPROVEMENT PROGRAM I regularly use with my private coaching clients.
  • SHOPPING LISTS FOR EACH WEEK To Make It Super Simple To Get Everything You Need
  • SMOOTHIE MAKING TIPS & PREP GUIDE To Make Sure there is ZERO trial and error and to ensure you spend less time in the kitchen and more time enjoying your new confidence and energy levels!
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For 21 days, customers could drink the smoothies in preference to consuming their meals. The smoothies turn out to be an respectable meal substitute that allows scale back starvation and make human beings experience complete all all through the day. Another weight-reduction plan program this is creating a wave in social media lately, mainly on YouTube, is the Smoothie Diet Program. Dieters who've already attempted it swear how they quick shed pounds after 21 days. Others even stated that they commenced dropping weight some days when they started out this system. Although many human beings swear how powerful the 21-Day Smoothie Diet application is, there are nonetheless folks who doubt if it’s reputable or only a rip-off that preys on folks that are determined to shed pounds.

The Smoothie Diet goals folks that be afflicted by yo-yo dieting. 

These are folks that commenced a weight-reduction plan, shed pounds however then advantage the load again. As the cycle continues, it turns into tougher and tougher for them to hold their weight as they can’t keep on with the weight-reduction plan, hence gaining extra weight and giving up. It is the primary weightloss catch 22 situation that the Smoothie Diet Program ambitions to fix.

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Of course, the promise of dropping weight after 21 days is just too tempting because the application simplest costs $47 (and as of this writing, they're promoting it for simplest $37 for a completely restricted time). Customers simplest want to pay that as a one-time payment, and the writer of this system, Head Coach Drew, ensures that folks who religiously comply with this system will shed pounds inside 21 days. To guarantee its clients, he places an ironclad 60-day money-again guarantee. If the person doesn’t see any outcomes inside that period, the product may be again inside 60 days, and clients might be refunded.
After understanding those facts, the basis that the Smoothie Diet Program is a rip-off appears very a ways from the truth. It’s an outstanding opportunity answer for folks that need to shed pounds badly however can’t hazard taking artificial dietary supplements or getting competitive weightloss surgery. It’s a great weight-reduction plan application for busy human beings searching out a herbal manner to shed pounds and preserve it.

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What is The Smoothie Diet?
The Smoothie Diet is a 21-day program created via way of means of Head Coach Drew. For 21 days, customers want to comply with a hard and fast of smoothie recipes as a meal substitute to shed pounds. These recipes are individually created via way of means of Coach Drew and were examined to supporting human beings now no longer simply shed pounds however hold and preserve it. Coach Drew ensures that his delicious, easy-to-make smoothies can assist human beings shed pounds hastily and, on the identical time, can growth their electricity and boosts their universal fitness. He categorized this product as a progressive new life-transformation machine assured to assist customers turn out to be slimmer and sexier in 21 days. And, now no longer simplest that, however customers may even experience higher than they have got in years. Each smoothie recipe is created the usage of a holistic weightloss technique that considers good enough nutrients that improves the dieter’s fitness and well-being.

How does The Smoothie Diet Work?
According to Coach Drew, the Smoothie Diet works via a custom 3-week weight reduction schedule. Each smoothie is given in a selected collection and frequency to maximise every person’s outcomes. He talked about that the nutrient and elements from the smoothies range every week to make sure the load continues coming off and remains off. For 21 days, customers could drink the smoothies in preference to consuming their meals. The smoothies turn out to be an respectable meal substitute that, in line with folks who attempted it, assist scale back their starvation and lead them to experience complete all all through the day. From this good judgment alone, if the dieters won’t cheat, they may truly shed pounds due to the fact they comply with a calorie-constrained meal plan. Drew stated that he used all his information as a Head Coach and what he has found out from his personal customers to make sure that the Smoothie Diet application promises fast and secure outcomes. It is a program that’s correct for weight reduction and the general fitness of the dieter. It consists of culmination and vegetables into the person’s weight-reduction plan, which different weightloss packages generally lack.

Top Benefits of the Smoothie Diet
Losing weight via way of means of consuming nutritious smoothies for 3 weeks is the number one purpose of the Smoothie Diet application. Each smoothie recipe is created as a meal substitute to set off weight reduction. Here are the pinnacle advantages of taking this life-converting weight-reduction plan program:
Curbs the appetite
Reduces greater frame fats
Boosts energy
Lessens intake of bad American weight loss plan
Boosts the immune system
Improves ordinary health
LAnd, of course, dropping weight and retaining it.

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Holiday Weight Loss:

Food Warning:


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The Pros and Cons of the Smoothie Diet
As that is a weight loss plan program, there’s no assure that it really works for everyone. It may go nicely for one person however doesn’t have the identical outcomes as others. Results additionally depend upon how the person religiously follows every recipe and their way of life adjustments even as doing the program. Neverthel

Ess, right here are its execs and cons.

Easy to observe grocery list.
Easy to put together smoothie recipes that won’t intrude together along with your busy schedule.
It offers low-calorie, scrumptious meal alternative smoothie recipes full of herbal elements.
Can shed pounds even earlier than the 21-day software ends.
A secure manner to slender down as every smoothie recipe includes all-herbal elements.
Increase the consumer’s vitamins intake.
It also can enhance pores and skin and hair fitness.
The software is downloadable online.


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The program can handiest be downloaded on their website.
The program wishes the customers to observe it religiously to acquire first rate results.
Results can also additionally range from one consumer to another
Knowing those execs and cons might absolutely assist humans provide you with an knowledgeable choice whether or not they’ll buy this system or now no longer.

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How Effective is The Smoothie Diet?
With the Smoothie Diet, weight reduction is assured due to the fact dieters won’t be eating their traditional meals. Instead, they're consuming smoothies full of nutritious greens and culmination, which could assist them speedy shed pounds. As their energy and carbohydrates intake is reduce off, it's miles simply herbal that they may finally shed pounds. The greens and culmination in every smoothie recipe created through Coach Drew are scientifically established to useful resource weight reduction. And now no longer handiest that, however those vegetables additionally assist dieters advantage greater energy, clearer pores and skin, higher sleep, sharper thinking, stabilized blood sugar, and plenty of greater. Many research display proof that sure culmination and greens are appropriate for weight reduction and coping with weight. These are the precise elements Coach Drew cautiously decided on for every recipe he featured withinside the Smoothie Diet.

Where to Buy the Smoothie Diet?

The Smoothie Diet can handiest be bought on its authentic website. The 21-day program can handiest be downloaded there. As of this writing, its creator, Coach Drew, stated that it’s now no longer to be had anywhere. It’s presently on sale for $37 as an alternative of $47. Those who desired to get this bargain ought to make their buy now as that is a limited-time offer. Here are what clients can assume after downloading the

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Smoothie Diet Program:
Get the entire 21-day weight reduction and fitness development software. It’s what Coach Drew frequently makes use of together along with his personal training clients. Get greater than 36 scrumptious fats-melting meal alternative smoothie recipes. Get a fixed of buying lists for every week to assist dieters get the whole thing they need. Get smoothie-making recommendations and a prep manual to make sure 0 trial and blunders and make sure the consumer spends much less time withinside the kitchen.

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The Smoothie Diet program additionally comes with bonus content.

Bonus 1 – The 3-day Smoothie Detox

Bonus 2 – Quick-Start Guide

According to Coach Drew, the 3-day Smoothie Detox is some thing customers can do earlier than beginning the 20-day program to assist clean out the “cobwebs” and get their our bodies geared up for top-rated results. The Quick-Start manual is designed as an clean reference that dieters can print out and begin the use of right away with out analyzing the greater complete manual. 60-Day Money-Back Guarantee. One of the enormous elements of the Smoothie Diet program is its 60-Day Money-Back assure. Coach Drew may be very assured approximately his programthat he gives clients this assure. Users can go back this system they bought inside 60 days, and Coach Drew will refund the cash they spent. This ironclad cash-again assure is pretty useful for customers, specially folks that aren't absolutely satisfied yet. They were given not anything to lose if they may attempt it.

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The Smoothie Diet Reviews from Real Customers
The final choose if the Smoothie Diet program is a rip-off or reputable is its customers. From their first-hand experience, capacity clients ought to base their choice on whether or not they’ll attempt it or now no longer. So far, maximum of the comments from real customers may be very positive. Dawn, a mother from Arlington, Virginia, has misplaced 14 kilos in 21 days. After dropping the weight, she stated she wakes up each day now greater assured and complete of energy.

“I actually have simply finished the Smoothie Diet..which in a phrase is FAB! The weight-reduction plan may be very clean to get into, after just a few days I felt brilliant, complete of energy! The smoothies are so tasty, filling and are by no means boring! I will preserve to have smoothies each day as now it has grow to be a manner of lifestyles for me! If you're trying to shed pounds and make a healthful lifestyles extrade then attempt this, – I couldn’t have requested for greater than this! Thanks for the whole thing!”

Jade from New York has misplaced 12 kilos in 21 days. She stated she loses her cussed stomach fats and take away her love handles. Here’s the relaxation of her review: “I’ve been attempting for all time to lose the ultimate 10-15 lbs. and tone up and that’s precisely what occurred so I am very satisfied. I experience high-quality approximately myself, I don’t locate myself preserving in my stomach anymore and experience assured approximately myself and those have observed that approximately me too…and my love handles are gone! I couldn’t be happier with this entire program and I simply advise this to all people trying to lose a bit or lose a lot.” Sarah, a mother from Tulsa, Oklahoma, dropped three kilos in three days!

Here’s what she stated approximately the Smoothie Diet program: “I’ve by no means visible the burden come off like this. I absolutely LOVE this ‘weight loss plan’! It’s greater like a existence overhaul! I even have greater strength than I’ve had in years and my pores and skin is absolutely glowing! This is an appropriate “Mommy Makeover” I turned into searching for. In the previous few weeks I wasn’t hungry at all, and it's far an appropriate supplement to my busy way of life. I realize that I am dropping weight in a wholesome way! My husband has began out asking me greater regularly if I might make him a smoothie,


image you wont belive what she looks like now

that is wonderful! Thank you instances 10 million!” These are only a few of the amazing remarks from satisfied and happy dieters who attempted the Smoothie Diet program. To take a look at for greater remarks from different users, capability clients need to go to the Smoothie Diet’s authentic website, or they'll do their studies online, particularly on YouTube. Results range from one consumer to another. Many elements might also additionally have an effect on weight loss development and performance, which includes the person’s metabolism, way of life changes, and the way strict they stay with the program.

The Smoothie Diet is a respectable weight loss plan created and designed with the aid of using Coach Drew which could efficaciously assist human beings shed pounds inside 21 days. This weight loss software allows dieters to shed pounds as its smoothies manufactured from end result and greens are used as a meal substitute in 3 weeks. It method that the dieter reduce off their carbohydrate and energy intake and changed it with nutritious and weight loss-boosting smoothies. The premise of this weight loss plan program is simple. When an character stops ingesting carbohydrates-loaded meals and persist with a wholesome and slim-boosting weight loss plan, dropping kilos of weight in 3 weeks is achievable. And that is what makes this product very effective.

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